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Preschool EduKitchen Toddlers!


18 Free amazing fun Montessori Learning games for toddlers and preschoolers to learn recycling, sorting, counting, numbers and shapes. Teach your kids with these baby brain games.The no-muss no-fuss Preschool EduKitchen App cooks up hours of logic based, early learning fun for kindergarten kids and preschool children. ★★★★★Great game. 3year old loves it. Thats how you make kid games! Thanks★★★★★We have this app on every android device we own! My children absolutely LOVE IT!★★★★★ My 4 year old loves playing the learning games and it keeps him busy and his brain working for a very long time
▶▶These Free Early Learning Educational Games And Skill Building Activities Will Help Toddlers, Preschool Children And Kindergarten Kids To:
✓Learn Healthy Eating✓Learn Recycling✓Learn Sorting ✓Learn Numbers/Number Recognition And Counting✓Learn Matching & Memory✓Learn Patterns & Colors✓Learn Arrangements & Size, Bigger, Smaller✓Learn Geometric Shapes And Shape Recognition✓Learn Object Recognition And Build Vocabulary✓Learn Problem Solving✓Build Motor Skills✓Sensory Play
✓ 18 Different Unique Logic Learning Kitchen & Cooking Games And Quizzes Aimed At Toddlers And Preschoolers! ✓ Montessori approach!✓ Professional Instruction Voiceover In A Clear Voice With Perfect Pronunciation For Independent Play And Vocabulary Building!✓ Great For Independent Play, Homeschool, Children With Learning Differences, Special Needs, And Kids On The Autism Spectrum.✓User Friendly Setting Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On Or Off! ✓ Two Adorable Animated 3D Characters Guide Children In Their Learning Process! ✓ 3D Hd Colorful Rainbow Graphics! ✓ Amazing Music And Sound Effects! ✓ Free Unlimited Independent Play, The Fun Never Ends!
▶▶Cubic Frog™ Free Educational Apps are Great for:
•Girls And Boys 1,2,3,4,5,6 Years Old•Toddlers•Preschoolers•Kindergarteners•Children With Learning Differences & On The Autism Spectrum•Autism Kids, Toddlers With Autism, Children With Asperger & Dyslexia•Preschool Teachers To Use Cubic Frog™ Games In Their Classroom•Babysitters•Parents, Mom,Dads,Grandparents,Grandmothers,Grandfathers & Caregivers
Cubic Frog™ games simulate the child’s enthusiasm for learning and guide them for independent play. Cubic Frog™ games has Montessori approach and will help children in social and intellectual development. Every material in Cubic Frog™ games support an aspect of child development and making connection between children natural interests and available learning activities.We promise that Cubic Frog™ games :
√ Provide a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for every child√ Promote trust in themselves and their world√ Develop confidence in their emerging abilities√ Develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills√ Offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks
Preschool EduKitchen is a free mobile learning experience for toddlers, preschoolers, and early learners. This game is designed to be both a learning adventure and fun, interactive experiences. Cubic Frog™ utilizes bright rainbow colors to stimulate sight, fun music and voice commands for hearing stimulation, drag and drop for fine motor skills practice, innovative reward toy prizes, and repetition to ensure all the skills needed in preschool, early learning, homeschool, toddler education can be mastered all while having fun. Preschool EduKitchen free focuses on general education for babies, preschoolers, toddlers, and kids with learning differences and on the autism spectrum, learn everything from shapes, colors, numbers, letters, patterns, fruits, vegetables, healthy foods, matching, organization, and good living habits. Great for teachers in the classroom, parents, caregivers and homeschool!